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Weekly Planning Series: Let’s Fill In That Planner!

Thank you for following my weekly planning series. Now that we've chosen a planner or calendar system it's time to fill it in! Here's how I fill in mine.


Six Small Things That Are Big To Your Kids

As parents...especially moms we have so much on our plates, that time becomes a precious commodity. There is never enough of it go around. I know that I hear myself saying, “give me a minute” about 100 times a day. And unfortunately what I really mean is “I hope you’ll forget what you wanted to tell me so that I could finish what I’m doing and move on to my next task”. I of the year right here!

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Choose a Chore System That Works For You!

Chore charts have been an on-going struggle in our household for quite a number of years. My husband and I grew up on completely different ends of the spectrum when it came to household chores and what the children were responsible for. I never had to do any ever! My husband did. We decided we did want our kids to have some responsibility when it came to our family and our home but I have to say that we’ve never been successful and finding a system that works.


Typical Day in 10 Photos – A Work From Home Mom’s Day

Whether you run a business from home...or your home is your business everyday can seem a monotonous.  You may think you're alone in this...I promise that most moms lives are not as exciting as they make them seem in the movies.  And to prove this here is my day in 10 photos!  

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The 3 Calendars That Keep Me Organized

Let’s face it...moms are busy! In most cases we are responsible for keeping track for where everyone is supposed to be at any given time of the day, week or month. If you are also working a full-time 9-5 or work from home, it means that you have very limited time to get things organized and ready for execution! Chances are that if you’re reading this it’s because you either have no plan or you think that your plan could use some improvement, and I’d love to help you with that.

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Confessions of an Etsy Mom

Everyone that has ever worked, has experienced long hours at the office (or retail store), while trying to make a deadline, or trying to stay ahead of that demanding client. Trying to keep up with the daily influx of emails, phone calls and customer demands can be quite a cumbersome task for any employee. Now imagine you're the boss...and your office had little hands and tiny toes underfoot all the time!!!

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We Are Helping You Plan Your Week, Mom!

About a year ago in one of the facebook groups I follow there was a mom asking for organizational help. As moms we usually have too many things to do in a very limited amount of time, with little hands pulling us; most of the times in different directions. I decided to help out this fellow mom because even in the midst of my chaos nothing makes me happier than planning.


This Is My Why….

This month has had me questioning my why. Why am on this life path? Why have I chosen to do the work I do? I am now a year older and with each year that passes the need to “become somebody” has gotten stronger. Don’t get me wrong…I’m in no way trying to undermine or devalue my job as a mom. But when I was younger I always thought that I would be...