Hi! I’m Delia. Part-Time “Working Mom”… Part-Time “Work-at-Home Mom”. Trying to stay sane in spite of hearing the word “Mommy” 17,000 times a day!

I decided to start this blog as a way of promoting my Etsy shop. I discovered through my research for partners and collaborators that there are tons of work-from- home moms just like me. They are out there in the marketplace, looking to be found; I felt the need to help these work-from-home moms get found. As a small business owner myself, I’m all about promoting and supporting the other small businesses out there. And if these business are owned, operated and run by moms from the very homes where they are also doing the wife and mom thing even better!

With this blog I want to create a space where new moms can check in with their afternoon cup of coffee, while the “littles” nap. A place where they can come for some recharging and reassurance that they are not living this mom life alone, that there are others out there just as lost. And most importantly a place where they would find the advice and answers they are looking for to help them through their journey. We’ll talk about parenting and products, we will share recipes and organizing tips. We will try to cover all the mommyhood bases!

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My mom taught me how to knit when I was a little girl but I was never able to sit still long enough to make anything. With my first pregnancy I made a sweater, with my second pregnancy I didn’t have time to knit…who has the energy to make time for arts and crafts when you’re pregnant and have a toddler. Six years later came our final installment, by that time mom was well into her 70’s and was unable to knit for her…sure she had some hand-me downs from her older siblings, but no items that were just for her. . So I got to work!

I started knitting the outfit that she would wear on her journey home from the hospital … O-M-G … I think I chose the hardest pattern I could find. I started knitting and took it apart at least 4 times and each time my mother-in-law would look at me like I was crazy to take it apart after so many hours of work. But I had to make my mom proud… From there I fell in love with the feel of the yarn in my hands, the repetitiveness of the pattern, the sense of accomplishment when the project was done and the joy in seeing it on my baby! I was hooked…literally. I few months later I taught myself how to crochet… And Knit Knot Kreations was born!

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