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What To Do When Your Friend’s Had a Miscarriage

A while back I wrote about my feelings towards my own miscarriage. What I did to get through that most difficult time in my life (if you want to read that post you can find it here). Now it’s time to flip the script. I have racked my brain trying to figure out what I would have wanted someone who came to visit me to say, or to do for me that would have eased some of the pain and suffering that I was feeling at the time.

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Confessions of a Guilty Mom

My mom guilt! It’s one of the strongest emotions any mother has. How badly am I going to screw up this little human’s life? We’ve all been there at one point or another during motherhood. We worry about how much time we are spending with them. How is the way we talk to them going to shape their self-esteem? We worry about what we are feeding them, what we are clothing them in and who we are leaving them with when we are not around. Am I truly doing the best job I can at raising them? We worry if the life choices we’ve made were wrong and if different choices would lead them to be more well-balanced individuals. Would a different path have resulted in better-adjusted children?

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Choose a Chore System That Works For You!

Chore charts have been an on-going struggle in our household for quite a number of years. My husband and I grew up on completely different ends of the spectrum when it came to household chores and what the children were responsible for. I never had to do any ever! My husband did. We decided we did want our kids to have some responsibility when it came to our family and our home but I have to say that we’ve never been successful and finding a system that works.

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Five Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

I love makeup!!! My addiction to makeup is almost as big as my addiction to planners and calendars, each feeding a totally different aspect of my life. But I need them both in my life nonetheless! As a mom of three, trying to keep up with them and run a business, has made makeup kinda fall off the list of priorities, but I do think it’s really important! These are the five products I can’t live without! Makeup makes me feel human, like a woman rather than “just a mom”. Not that there is anything wrong with being “just a mom”, but why? When you can be “A mom that feels good about the way she looks!!!”


Typical Day in 10 Photos – A Work From Home Mom’s Day

Whether you run a business from home...or your home is your business everyday can seem a monotonous.  You may think you're alone in this...I promise that most moms lives are not as exciting as they make them seem in the movies.  And to prove this here is my day in 10 photos!  

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The 3 Calendars That Keep Me Organized

Let’s face it...moms are busy! In most cases we are responsible for keeping track for where everyone is supposed to be at any given time of the day, week or month. If you are also working a full-time 9-5 or work from home, it means that you have very limited time to get things organized and ready for execution! Chances are that if you’re reading this it’s because you either have no plan or you think that your plan could use some improvement, and I’d love to help you with that.


Life Lessons to Learn from Harry Potter

Last week the words that every mother wants to hear were uttered in my home! “Mom, can I start reading Harry Potter?” Well ... any mom who also happens to be a huge Harry Potter fan. I swear, that I couldn’t get to the bookshelf fast enough. I have been anxiously awaiting during the last 8 years for the day that my kids would be interested in Harry Potter. Until now JK Rowling’s story about “the boy who lived” was something mommy liked, so this was a momentous occasion in my house.