Three Things to Make Summer Break a Success

I can’t believe that summer break is almost upon us! Last year I spent most of May preparing, researching, planning, printing, and organizing for summer vacation. I had a new baby to plan around so I needed to ensure that the biggies had activities planned all day so that the baby’s schedule wouldn’t be too interrupted. This year I have three very active children all wanting to go in different directions, and unfortunately (as you can tell my my opening line) May was gone in the blink of an eye! So this last week I quickly got to planning summer activities. Luckily I have a lot of the tools that I used last year for planning and thanks to Pinterest most of my research was saved, so that made it easy peasy!

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8 Ways to Help Your Dyslexic Learner

We just learned that our oldest daughter may have Dyslexia. So of course this mama jumped on the research train and I’m currently reading all the articles, blogs and medical journals about dyslexia in children and how to help them learn better.

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Confessions of an Etsy Mom

Everyone that has ever worked, has experienced long hours at the office (or retail store), while trying to make a deadline, or trying to stay ahead of that demanding client. Trying to keep up with the daily influx of emails, phone calls and customer demands can be quite a cumbersome task for any employee. Now imagine you're the boss...and your office had little hands and tiny toes underfoot all the time!!!

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We Are Helping You Plan Your Week, Mom!

About a year ago in one of the facebook groups I follow there was a mom asking for organizational help. As moms we usually have too many things to do in a very limited amount of time, with little hands pulling us; most of the times in different directions. I decided to help out this fellow mom because even in the midst of my chaos nothing makes me happier than planning.